Local 2230 Members Help Community During COVID

Members of the Glens Falls Firefighters Local 2230 “A Crew “decided to help the members of the community who were out of work and those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the nation.  Donations of dinners and lunches were generously given to the firefighters of the Glens Falls Fire Dept. by Little Caesars Pizza, Bullpen Tavern, Paul Dietrik as well as other members of the community.  The Local 2230 members can’t express their gratitude and appreciation enough to the community and business for  the support and recognition for the tireless first responder work done by the members.  With this gratitude shown to Local 2230 members in mind, the members of A crew decided to start a fund  that would be used to benefit community members in need.  The members of A crew started the fund by donating twenty-five dollars from each man on the crew, then estimated the price of food donated for each meal and put that amount into the fund.  The money was then used to help various members of the community.  Groceries were bought to help a small business owner and her family in Glens Falls who had to shut down.  Meals were bought for elderly members of the Glens Falls community who were financially affected by the pandemic.  The Members of A Crew appreciate the support of the Salvation Army in helping them to identify those in need.